Your ROI With Venn Strategy Group Begins Day One

For 20 years, Venn Strategy Group has left its indelible mark on small, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies alike. The process begins by opening the eyes and ears of C-level executives to unrealized growth and profitability. From there we reveal where the hidden opportunities within the organization – the true treasures – are buried. Learn more.

Create a Problem-solving Culture

The main attitude managers who have succeeded in creating problem-solving cultures share is a genuine regard for the people under their influence. In Becoming a Successful Manager, co-authored by Venn President Gary Grossman, you’ll learn about problem-solving and toxic cultures and what it takes to help employees learn the problem-solving model.

Do you know the cost of errors in your organization?  Learn more

Trusted Advisors

As a Trusted Advisor serving small and midsize companies, chances are you hear of issues that are outside of your wheelhouse. Venn can partner with you to address the issues costing your clients significant dollars, from hundreds of thousands to millions. Venn partners with Trusted Advisors in three ways.

Mid-Size Businesses

Jill, the controller at a Kansas City global automotive parts manufacturer, was desperate for help. A few months earlier, an IT team from the corporate office spent several days on site to implement a major upgrade of the company’s ERP system. Unfortunately, they left her in worse shape than when they arrived.


Ronnie, President/CEO of a distributor of specialty toys and collectibles serving retailers nationwide, needed help. The good news was that his six-year-old startup had grown exponentially since its launch – 50-100% annually for three consecutive years – and it was poised to become the leading provider in its industry.