We See Potential in Every Direction

Venn Strategy Group puts small and midsize businesses on course, oftentimes in a way they’ve only imagined. Our approach leads to streamlined operations, a we’re-in-it-together culture, and, most importantly, the profitability an organization needs to thrive in the long run.

We Diagnose, Then Treat

The solution to what ails your organization may be swift, taking only a day to zero in on and a few weeks to implement. Whether a division is losing money and you can’t pinpoint the reason, your ERP system needs to support an acquisition in the works, or your sales forecasts are consistently inaccurate, we have the know-how to address the problem.  We’re nimble by nature but we’re also fluent in a range of fields — from pharmaceutical and automotive services to medical and construction. Plus, our knack for challenging “the way it’s always been done” tends to speed up the process of repairing what’s gone awry.

Still, as often as we are brought on board to address a problem appearing to impact one department (hint: it usually involves a few others), there are as many instances where a C-level executive says, “We have several areas in need of attention.” Unleashed, we will find every hidden opportunity for building a healthier, properly aligned, more profitable entity.

From Discovery to A New Culture

Prepare your team; ours asks a lot of questions. Depending on what you’ve charged us with we may interview front-line employees, managers and directors; review reports; follow the ways information is gathered and disseminated; study systems; and analyze operations. Venn’s discovery process will elicit the data we need to propel your organization forward.

In our experience, even when a company appears whole, transacting business day after day, most companies are capable of far more. Achieving “far more” may require preparing leaders to make smarter, more informed decisions; guiding department managers on how to collaborate versus coexist; simplifying procedures resulting in saving hundreds of labor hours; and establishing guidelines for evaluating performance the entire team understands. And that’s just a sampling of how Venn operates.

Leveraging the talent and technology you have in place is paramount to Venn. We won’t propose outlandish changes or company-wide transformations unless you request them. We may establish new rules, however, or implement tools or techniques for making each day run more smoothly. Given the opportunity, we will also ensure your team develops a comfort with raising concerns. A company reporting losses or a waste of precious resources — be it cash, personnel, raw materials or technology – is likely suffering from unresolved issues and conflicting goals. To build an organization geared to outperform its competition, it takes a culture that encourages employees at all levels to speak up and tackle problems head on.

Ultimately, we will leave you with the structure, systems, resources and insights in place to ensure a lucrative future.

If you have questions about Venn’s methodology, please call us at 847-897-5745 or email us.

About the Gordian Knot

knotIn 233 B.C., in the town of Gordium, the King of Phyrgia tied an ox cart in the Template of Zeus with a complex knot; unraveling it was considered impossible. The prize for doing so was great. Legend says that the one who did would rule the world.

One hundred years later, Alexander the Great arrived in Gordium. He took his sword and cut the knot, thereby “solving” the seemingly impossible problem. He went on to conquer Asia and the rest of the known world.

Venn Strategy Group welcomes seemingly impossible problems.