Do You Need Venn’s Help?

Trusted Advisors: Let’s Work Together Learn More If we asked three people in your organization “What business are you in?” chances are we’d get three different answers. An engineer might say, “We design and manufacture products.” The sales director would explain, “We’re a medical device company.” The marketing director? “We save lives.”

Imagine if everyone in your organization spoke the same language when discussing your mission, goals, strategies, systems and problems. Venn is passionate about helping companies capitalize on their most prized assets – their employees, their systems, and their cash – so they can grow in a controlled, manageable manner.

Venn will uncover revenue opportunities and hidden savings your team has overlooked. We encourage you to move forward with hiring Venn.

Getting Started With Venn

Venn’s services begin with a diagnostic assessment of your company. Depending on the size and scope of the business we will dedicate one or two days to meetings, reviews of financial statements, observing operations, and validating the data we are given and gather. Within 48 hours we will follow up with a written report. This report will:

  • Summarize the problems we uncovered
  • Explain the costs and/or missed revenue opportunities associated with each issue
  • Outline recommendations for addressing each issue

Upon receipt of the report, Venn will work with you to prioritize and address the problems we identified at a pace that meets your needs. We do not require a long-term commitment.

To learn more about how Venn works its magic with companies of all types and sizes, visit our Methodology page and our Success Stories page.

To learn more about Venn’s services, please call us at 847-897-5745 or email us

The Cost of Errors

Data can be invaluable or it can be dangerous. Properly entered, managed, and distributed, it is the lifeblood for an organization. But when inaccurate information is generated, circulated and relied upon, decision-makers can’t make sound decisions.

Venn’s process of examining technology, relationships, financial reporting, and operational measurements leads to the elimination of inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and workarounds. We have saved clients significant dollars – from hundreds of thousands to millions – by uncovering what has gone wrong from the data source.

To learn more about how Venn can impact your company’s bottom line, please call us at 847-897-5745 or email us