How Venn Partners With Trusted Advisors

teamworkIf you are an accountant, attorney, banker, consultant, financial planner, or any other B2B professional services provider, we invite you to partner with Venn to expand your offerings. We do not require a long-term commitment from either our clients or our Trusted Advisor partners. We offer our services to Trusted Advisors at a discount based on volume.

As a Trusted Advisor serving small and midsize companies, chances are you hear about or discover issues that are outside of your wheelhouse. Venn can partner with you to address the issues costing your clients significant dollars – from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Venn partners with Trusted Advisors in three ways:

  • Some Trusted Advisors refer clients directly to us
  • Some Trusted Advisors contract our services and we will work as part of their team
  • Some Trusted Advisors bring in Venn as a sales catalyst to cost-justify their service

More often than not, Venn is asked to remedy what appears to the client to be a one-dimensional problem. Once we conduct a diagnostic assessment of the company, however (see Services to learn more), we usually discover that the issue impacts multiple departments. We then outline recommendations for a solution and work with clients to address the problem.

The types of major issues we are asked to address include operational discrepancies, financial/operational reporting challenges, siloed communication, and gross inefficiencies due to systems that aren’t properly leveraged.

Venn’s other areas of expertise include:

  • Helping companies manage rapid growth
  • Providing risk mitigation evaluations (e.g., if a company is considering a merger or acquisition)

To learn more about partnering with Venn, please call us at 847-897-5745 or email us.

Industries We Serve

We assist organizations with annual revenues of $50-$500 million in a range of industries. These industries include:

Automotive services
Jury consultants