555 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 500 | Northbrook, Illinois 60062

555 Skokie Boulevard, Suite 500 | Northbrook, Illinois 60062

We Lead You Through Change

Do these statements sound familiar?

“We’ve always done it this way.”

“We don’t have time.”

“It’s too difficult.”

For many people, the idea of change – let alone the implementation of it – is difficult to swallow. It can be viewed as uncomfortable, challenging, even unnecessary.

But VENN Strategy Group has a proven methodology for showing organizations the path to success that continually earns the approval and acceptance from both management and the general employee population. We call this methodology LEAD and it breaks out into four stages. Here is the overview of our approach:


Step 1

We listen thoughtfully to current issues and challenges

We learn how they impact employees, business flow, and the bottom line

We leverage the knowledge in an organization to build a solid foundation and springboard for facilitating change


Step 2

We engage with our client’s functional and leadership team

We establish trust with open lines of communication, tools, and protocols

We evaluate sources and uses of information for inefficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities.


Step 3

We advocate for clarifying and prioritizing what the business needs and why – vs. how it has always been done

We align processes, resources and technology with business needs

We adjust accountability and ownership of information to spread risk and increase accuracy


Step 4

We define and document current processes and information flow to unity understanding of the current state

We demonstrate how change can be fun, valuable, and profitable (vs. painful and debilitating)

We deliver a problem-solving culture and an operational environment poised for change


In simpler terms, we identify issues and goals, clarify what created the challenges, and remedy the situation.

The end result? A transformation of operations, culture, and systems, along with employees who see their organization with new eyes and bring a level of optimism to their role they never thought possible.

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